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Bybee's Purifier v2.0
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Bybee's Purifier v2.0

Power Conditioners by Bybee

Manufacturer's Description:

2009 & 2010 Stereo Times Most Wanted Component, 2010 Positive Feedback Brutus Award winning Bybee Power Purifier is the replacement for the vaunted Bybee/Curl Pro. It has 4 isolated duplex receptacles, Bybee SE Ultra Purifiers inside, plus a John Curl designed spike and surge protection circuit. The Stealth Edition offers Teslaplex Receptacles, laser welded SE Quantum Purifiers, and additional Slipstream Bybee Filtering on the receptacles. The sound? Super black background, 3D holography, transparent highs, glorious mids, microdynamic finesse, macrodynamic slam, powerful and deep bass. Be warned, once you put this in your system, you won't want to take it out!

"Not sure what to say… don't really want to put any one off or offend anyone, but phucking shit… you got to be kidding me?! What the hell just happened? This unit is so far down the road in going deeper into the music with more color, life, energy, presence, separation, imaging, resolution, air, light, slam, dynamics, ambiance, extension, palpability, naturalness, involvement, neutrality… gee anything else left to add… I mean really, what the hell?! This is a done deal. Forget it, here is the check." - January 2011 Review of the Bybee V2 Stealth Edition

The Bybee Power Purifier V2.0 advances the state of the art in power conditioning. Using no current limiting components, the Bybee Power Purifier achieves the once unattainable goal of extreme noise filtration and reduction without slowing or limiting current delivery to audio components that need it. The Bybee Power Purifier uses their proprietary and ultra high grade SE Quantum Purifiers inside to achieve this end. No other manufacturer comes close to this technology, and effective noise reduction without using heavy (and current limiting) chokes and transformers.

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