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Bybee's Purifier Stealth
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Bybee's Purifier Stealth

Power Conditioners by Bybee

Manufacturer's Description:

The Bybee Stealth Edition offers Teslaplex Receptacles, laser welded SE Quantum Purifiers, and additional Slipstream Bybee Filtering on the receptacles. It comes in a black faceplate only. The sound? Super black background, 3D holography, transparent highs, glorious mids, microdynamic finesse, macrodynamic slam, powerful and deep bass. Be warned, once you put this in your system, you won't want to take it out!

The Bybee Power Purifier Stealth advances the state of the art in power conditioning over the V2 Power Purifier in several ways. Like the V2, it Uses no current limiting components, the Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH adds even more noise reduction over the V2. And does so while giving the music even more soul! The Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH uses Bybee's proprietary and ultra high grade Laser Welded SE Quantum Purifiers inside, in addition to parallel Bybee purification to achieve this end. No other manufacturer comes close to this technology, and effective noise reduction without using heavy (and current limiting) chokes and transformers.

All of this would mean nothing of course if the noise reduction also robbed the music of it's soul. This is the area where the Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH excels, even over the V2. To be able to lower the noise floor so much, and preserve the layering, ambience, dynamics and flow of the music is what makes this power conditioner so special. For the first time, your audio system will be able to perform to its full potential with the clean, and unrestricted power flowing to the individual components from the Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH.

    •    Chassis - Cutsom machined, aluminum chassis with black anodized top, bottom and sides with a custom milled black aluminum faceplate.
    •    Internal wiring - Bybee has partnered with Kaplan Cable, and they have graciously agreed to allow us to use their 10 awg wire to connect all internal components.
    •    AC Receptacles - The Bybee STEALTH uses Synergistic Research Teslaplex Receptacles
    •    Heavy duty 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker
    •    AC filtering -Each of the four Teslaplex receptacles has additional filtering. They each have a bank of specially selected and bypassed caps, along with Bybee Slipstream Purifiers in series with the cap stack. Lowering the noise floor further, and isolating the receptacles from one another. The Bybee
    ◦    Stage 1 Filter
    ▪    LASER WELDED Bybee Super Effect Quantum Purifiers across hot, and neutral AC
    ▪    Standard Bybee Quantum Purifier on the ground leg of the AC
    ▪    John Curl Designed Surge Protection
    ◦    Stage 2 Filter
    ▪    Proprietary Capacitive Filter Network
    ◦    Stage 3 Filter
    ▪    Isolation of Duplex Receptacles
    ▪    Capacitive Filter Network
    ▪    Bybee Slipstream Purifiers implemented within Capacitive Filter Network
    ▪    Teslaplex AC Receptacles

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