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Bybee's Purifier Mini 4
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Bybee's Purifier Mini 4

Power Conditioners by Bybee

Manufacturer's Description:

We start with the gorgeous Oyaide MTB-UB power strip chassis, add 3 Copper Bybee Purifiers, our capacitive filtering across the mains and each of the 2 Hubbell 5262 receptacles, Kaplan internal wiring, and finish it off with an Acme Cryo'd-silver plated IEC inlet. This is the best power distribution strip on the market fpr the money, and we stand behind that with our 30-day money back guarantee. No current limiting, works with 110-220 volts, plenty of AC filtering and the magic of the Bybee Quantum Purifiers. You get 75% of the performance of the $4995 Bybee AC conditioner for roughly 20% of the price. Try one in your system today with our in-home audition program.

Power cord not included.

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