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PurePower's PurePower 2000
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PurePower's PurePower 2000

Power Conditioners by PurePower

Manufacturer's Description:
Manufactured in Taiwan version.

What more could one ask than pure regenerated power for your audio or video system no matter how many power disturbances affect the utility supply?  How about continued pure power when the utility fails completely!

If you are in the middle of enjoying a particularly dramatic scene, a rousing overture or in the midst of a critical recording, a loss of power can be quite frustrating. All PurePower™ APS models will continue to supply your system for between several minutes to an hour, depending on your particular power requirements. Since many utility power outages last from a few cycles to a few minutes, this will often be sufficient.

But to provide continuous operation during extended power interruptions we offer the Power Pack. Power Pack modules can deliver continuous power for hours at full rated output. A typical system will have an RMS power draw of anywhere from 25 to 75% of maximum possible wattage. This means outage protection durations will usually be several times the minimum shown in the chart to the right.

PurePower™ APS Power Packs - Minimum minutes of full load power outage protection.

0 Packs = 4    
1 Pack = 18    
2 Packs= 50

Minutes of full power outage protection at 50% load

0 Packs = 12    
1 Pack = 18    
2 Packs= 50

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