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Silver Circle Audio's Pure Power One 5.0 Special Edition
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Silver Circle Audio's Pure Power One 5.0 Special Edition

Power Conditioners by Silver Circle Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

The Golden Sound of Silver Circle Audios pure power one 5.0se

We at SilverCircleAudio have always reserved the right to improve products without telling anyone. That said, its best to let people know why something sounds better. Not just different, but better.  An informed customer, an educated customer is a happier customer. That brings me to the evolution of the pure power one power conditioners.

When we began our foray into the power conditioning market, we began with a 1.8 KVA isolation transformer and a COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) EMI/RF filter. That transformer quickly proved to be adequate for just the most basic of systems in the audio world. We then began making the pp1 with a 3 KVA transformer and people loved them. We then decided to build our own filters, better filters for an even higher degree of common mode and differential mode noise rejection. COTS filters were gone.

After a while, a customer suggested an even larger isolation transformer to address the needs of higher-powered amplifiers and the pure power one 5.0 with a 5 KVA transformer was given life. Reviewers and customers alike raved. We were not satisfied. After testing various versions of our filters, we eliminated the inductors we had been using and went to the proprietary design we now employ. All pure power one 5.0 owners were notified that they could ship their units back to me and have the filters replaced at no charge as long as they picked up the shipping. Several customers elected to do this, but some told me they were happy the way things were and didnt want to listen to their systems without the 5.0 for even a day.

That brings us to how to further improve the pure power one 5.0. I have always believed that the Furutech FTD 20A (G) offered the best combination of power transfer, robustness, and accuracy of signal reproduction.  It is a great receptacle. BUTFurutech released the GTX-D(G) receptacles and all bets were off. It is hands down the finest AC receptacle I have ever heard or used bar none. That led us to the question of whether to offer the 5.0 with a choice of receptacles. The answer lay in several other improvements that we decided to incorporate. We were introduced to HiFi Tuning Fuses imported into the US by The Cable Company in New Hope PA. They are far from inexpensive, but they improve the sound immensely. The new unit would use the HiFi Tuning Fuses Supremes!

Then we got to thinking about what else could be upgraded to further improve the sound' of the 5.0. The 10 AWG silver-plated wire we use inside the 5.0s is a fabulous conductor that accurately relays the information fed into and through it. The blocking points or points of restricted power transfer  were at the points where silver-plated wire met tin-plated ring terminals or stainless steel jumpers in terminal blocks. We turned to our metal fabricator and had them make up high quality jumpers for the terminal blocks. The jumpers and copper ring terminals went toa metal coatings company here in Houston, for a double thickness plating of gold.

The pure power one 5.0 with all the upgrades mentioned has been designated the se or special edition. And it is indeed special. Most who have bought it say that it has brought the giggle factor back  to listening sessions. It makes the music more organic.

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