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Audio Magic's Pulse Gen ZX
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Audio Magic's Pulse Gen ZX

Misc. Accessories by Audio Magic

Manufacturer's Description:

All components, especially "digital" create/generate noise internally.  As the audio signal is passed through  cd player to preamp to amp and finally to the speakers there are multitudes  of noise being amplified along with the audio signal, which we  listen to.  The Pulse Gen ZX is designed to be located inside of each of these components to obliterate this internally generated noise in a far more effective manner than any external "bricks", "stones", or other passive products can.  This smallish (1.75"x2.7"x1") plastic box is designed to be installed inside of your powered component and connected ( whether soldered or using twisted wire) to the component iec inlet to provide the power for the Pulse Gen. No matter how well designed the component might be, the Pulse Gen ZX will get rid of internally generated RF and EMI and make any component perform at a far higher level.  More clarity, more resolution, less noise.


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Price: $400.00
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