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Walker Audio's Prologue Reference Amp Stand
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Walker Audio's Prologue Reference Amp Stand

Racks and Stands by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Walker Prologue and  Prologue Reference Amplifier Stands
Most amplifier stands are designed to look good and get the amplifiers off the carpet. A few add some type of soft isolation. They do very little in the way of improving the sound. Most actually hurt the sound.

Our amp stand evolved from our research developing a platform for our Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable.

Our Prologue Top Shelf is designed to sit on your rack or on our Prologue Rack and it improves the sound of our turntable substantially. We applied this research to the development of an amplifier stand with stunning results. With the Prologue Amp Stand, your amplifier will sound like it is on steroids!
Your system will have bass, speed and transparency that is to die for. You won't believe it's the same system!
Our amp stand is made of specially-selected solid wood segments and assembled by alternating the density and grain direction, similar to butcher block construction. This creates different resonance conduction and isolation breaks while improving rigidity.
The stand, available in either Jabota wood or Rock Maple, is finished with five hand-rubbed coats of premium tung oil giving a natural luster to the wood finish. We do this for two reasons. First, it is beautiful. Second, if you scratch it, the oil finish can be easily restored unlike painted finishes. Just lightly sand the scratched area and apply a new coat of tung oil, available at any home improvement store such as Home Depot, and the stand will look good as new.

We highly recommend the Reference version for maximum performance. And we also recommend the Silent Source Signature Power Cord for your amplifier.

Each stand is drilled and tapped in five locations allowing you to use either three or four Valid Points cones under the amp stand. You will receive four Valid Points cones with threaded rods and one 1-inch disc to use under the center of the amp on the stand.
If you have carpet, you will sit the amp stand directly on the carpet. If you have wood floors, you should purchase the optional four discs to sit the cones into so your floors will not be scratched.
Size: 28 x 19 x 3 inches

Prologue Reference Amp Stand

This version adds a Valid Points Resonance Control Kit and is the ultimate for full resonance control and performance. The Prologue Reference comes with:
u four 2-inch Valid Points cones with threaded rods,
u one 1-inch Valid Points resonance control disc
u and a full Valid Points Resonance Control kit consisting of three 2-inch cones and five 1/2-inch discs.
Use the 1-inch disc under the center of the amp on the stand. Use the three 2-inch cones with three 1/2-inch discs under your amplifier and use one or two 1/2- inch discs on top of the amplifier to control case resonances.
Jabota or Maple Wood   List price $2,500.00
Jatoba shipping weight: approx. 78 pounds
Maple shipping weight: approx. 68 pounds
 Optional Four Valid Points Discs List price $180.00

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