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The Prolink  phase and impedance corrected interconnect cable is the most  sophisticated Hi-Fi line never manufactured before. It's the unique cable available with a 300 Ohms characteristic impedance in a large sonic frequency range, 45 pF per meter capacitance, a three lines frequency speed correction and a very low phase rotation. This unusual parameters make the IC 15S line out of any competitor regarding the performances, the technology, the construction and its design.

    We adopt for this product :
    1 - Three completely separated conductors in Litz topology to avoid any intermodulation or magnetic distorsion.
    2 - Four corrections using a new magnetic material in order to respect Heaveside equality and to correct the delay for three frequencies.
    3 - A  tubular construction OFHC copper and pur silver in order to eliminate Eddy current and to increase trebles accuracy.
    4 - Air insulation to avoid any signal coloration or distorsion.
    5 -  A correcting box, near the signal source, including a unique topology delay and impedance correction circuitery.
    The listening results are :
    a - A transparency never obtained.
    b - Because this cable matches perfectly the amplifiers to the speakers, all the micro-informations are presents, the bass are depth and firm, the treble is high, clean and flashing...
    c - A tone accuracy and stage placing never obtained before.
    d - A reference interconnect cable.

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