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Pro Max Isolation Bearings (Set of 3)
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Pro Max Isolation Bearings (Set of 3)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Aurios Pro-Max Bearings Stop Vibration from Gettin To Your Valuable Components!

The Aurios Pro-Max replaces the much lauded Aurios Pro, with a refined shape, improved resonance control and greater vibration reduction.  These improvements make the Pro-Max much better sounding than the Aurios Pro and now the Pro-Max is only a fraction of the older piece's price!

Your components deserve heavy-duty vibration control and that's where the Aurios Pro-Max comes in. Able to support up to 1500 lbs and virtually immune to heat, there's not much the Pro-Max can't handle.  Place a set under a transport, DAC, power conditioner, amplifiers, even speakers or subwoofers and hear the shocking improvements the Pro-Max can wring out of your components.

Worried about putting speakers or subs on a ball bearing device?  Don't be; the resonance point of Pro-Max is a VERY low 4Hz; unless your speakers (or sub) have meaningful output at that frequency you'll be hard pressed to get the Pro-Max to move during use.

The heat-resistant stainless steel construction allows you to use the Pro-Max under hot running components such as Tube Amplifers.  The Pro-Max one-piece and self centering design, makes them is easy to install and use.
The first thing you'll hear is the improvement in your system's bass. Every note becomes sharply defined, powerful and palpable. You'll find that voices and instruments are clearer and more life-like, even at lower volumes. Your noise floor drops and you’ll hear deeper into the music than ever before. High frequencies become much more natural and less fatiguing!

Try a set of Aurios Pro-Max under your components or speakers and hear your system’s true capabilities. We guarantee you will be quite impressed with the improvement in your system. Also...Check out the Tungsten/Carbide upgrade for much better performance!

Material Specification

High strength, alloy steel, heat treated; corrosion resistant, surface hardening (Rockwell 88) black finish.

Aurios Pro-Max Dimensions:

Height:     1.22” 
Diameter:   2.63”

Dimensions with added ½” TC Ball:
Diameter:   2.63”

Pricing Information

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