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Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 SE Reference External Biwire (Pair)
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Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 SE Reference External Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

Pro-9 Reference SE (2013 version)

Harmonic Technology’s Pro-9 Reference SE 2013’s version speaker cable, (available as a mono speaker wire, internal bi-wire or external bi-wire formats), is an improved version from previously released Pro-9 Plus speaker cables. We have completely re-designed the geometry designs as well as using the soft PE and High Tech Teflon insulation. The only conductor material is 99.9997% Single Crystal Copper (OCC Copper). The Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable has greatly improved the overall performance. We have also engaged design effort to improve the flexibility in particular for winding around tight corners.

Pro-9 Ref. External Biwire Version Speaker Cable A.K.A. (shotgun biwire)

In a variety of lengths and terminations, the Pro-9 Ref. speaker cable could accommodate any of your speaker cable requirements. This speaker cable ensures the best signal transfer and greatly reduces inductance and capacitance for extremely accurate sound. The Pro-9 Reference 2009’s version is the best speaker cable available for any kind speakers to connect with any amplifiers.

This version speaker cable will easily outperform any existing speaker cables on the market. This speaker cable allows the bass to be very tight, yet extremely dynamic. The mid-range is exceptionally rich, with tremendous detail and harmonic completeness that borders on realism. The highs are very smooth and detailed, without the artificial “zing” that you may experience with other speaker cables. Harmonic Technology has delivered a speaker cable that allows the soundstage to bloom as large as your room — a holographic depth and roundness you simply must experience.

We have developed two distinct types of the Pro-9 Reference bi-wire speaker cable—an internal and an external version—in order to accommodate your varying needs and configurations.

Note: For a special handling with extra cost, your dealers can order the “BI-AMPING-SET which is the PRO-9 Reference external biwire speaker cable can has separated woofer and tweeter cable” for you.

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Price: $1,800.00
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