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Harmonic Technology's Pro-11 Plus (Pair)
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Harmonic Technology's Pro-11 Plus (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

The Pro-11 speaker cable is an 11 AWG internal mono-wire single crystal cable. Pro-11 performs in the tradition of Pro-9 cable, but at a much lower cost. Pro-11 has won the Golden Ear Award from Absolute Sound and is also listed in Stereophile's Guide To Recommended Components.

A two conductor version of Pro-9 Plus. If your speakers can not be bi-wired, this is the wire to go with and is exceptionally cost effective. The Pro-11 Plus has a one inch diameter outer construction using 19 strands of individually insulated 24ga. copper filaments, resulting in a total of 11gauge per conductor path. This design optimizes the ratio between surface area and core size, greatly reducing the "skin" effect for high frequency detail and smoothness. The Single Crystal  (OCC) construction and exceptionally high purity 6N copper allow this cable to make your system sound closer to live music! Naturally, our advanced engineering including Balanced Field Geometry TM allows this cable to outperform any other competitor at any price, making it the best value on the market today. Available in either black or optional (at extra cost) white braided nylon sleeve. Spade lugs are available in either gold or rhodium plating, in two sizes: medium or large. Shotgun bi-wire available at extra cost and is recommended when using a bi-wire speaker requiring long leads to widely separated binding posts.

Listening Impression:

Although not as dramatic as Pro-9 Plus, it's still a reference cable, easily beating all comers in both neutrality, clarity, and sound stage transparency. Imaging is quite holographic, with inter-note silence that has to be heard to fully appreciate. Balance of bass to mids to highs is near perfect, bordering on the accuracy of the Pro-9 Plus. Midrange is spookily real, with the full harmonic richness of the real thing. Highly recommended for any system since its accuracy will benefit any combination of components and speakers. A universal cable and will easily beat all comers at 10X it's modest price!

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