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Tara Labs's Prime M1800 (Pair)
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Tara Labs's Prime M1800 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

Prime M1800

Traditionally, the concept of Bi-Wire cabling requires 2 runs of cable, one run for the Low Frequencies (bass) and a separate run for the High Frequencies (treble).

A single-run Bi-Wire cable means that all of the Low -Frequency and High-Freqeuncy runs are placed together in one jacket.  The problem with this design is that because the Low-Frequency conductors have larger-electromagnetic waves, these larger waves interfere with the smaller waves in the High Frequency conductors.

The design of the RSC Prim M1800 is significantly different.  The M1800 is the world's first internally isolated bi-wire cable, meaning that the Low-Frequency conductors are shielded from the High-Frequency conductors.  The Prime M1800 is a unique single-run Bi-Wire cable that sounds like 2 discrete runs of cable.

The RSC Prim M1800 delivers a very coherent sounding mid-range with a sound that is liquid and extended in both the low-frequency and high-frequency ranges.

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