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Walker Audio's Prelude Step 4 High Resolution Rinse
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Walker Audio's Prelude Step 4 High Resolution Rinse

Cleaners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

The Walker Audio Prelude Step 4 High Resolution Rinse is a special rinse that can be used as the final step in the Prelude record cleaning process. The Step 4 gets down deeper into the grooves and removes any remaining contaminants. The improvement in the sound is startling. One would never expect that this much improvement was possible. It is truly amazing how much information an LP contains!

We realize that some people will be reluctant to spend the time to clean a record to this level and with good reason. Once you do it and hear the extraordinary results, you will be hooked. You won’t want to listen to your records without it. If you are happy with the sound you currently have, fine. If you want everything an LP can give you, you must try Prelude Quartet.

You could spend much, much (10x) more money and time on other aspects of your system and never get this level of improvement. We guarantee your satisfaction and believe you will be thrilled with the results.

The Step 4 is meant to be used after cleaning your record the Prelude Record Cleaning Process.

Rinse your record using Prelude Step 4. One rinse with Step 4 is all that is needed. You are now ready to play your record. 

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