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Walker Audio's Prelude Quartet Kit
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Walker Audio's Prelude Quartet Kit

Cleaners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Brings your LPs to life. Hear more of the music you love. There is more music hidden there than you can imagine.


Product Description:

Once you hear the extraordinary results, you will be hooked. You won’t want to listen to your records without it. You could spend much, much more – ten times more – money and time on other aspects of your system and never get this level of improvement. One customer said, “I’ll scour the earth if I have to to have this product. It is just the best record system ever!” Click on the Reviews tab to see more customer comments.

With Prelude, you will hear a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom. There are more nuances, more life, and more music in the recording than you know and Prelude will reveal them to you while establishing a more natural space for the performers to exist.

Prelude Quartet contains everything you need for ultra-cleaning your LPs using your vacuum cleaning machine.  The four-step process includes the Prelude enzyme cleaner, premixed vinyl cleaner, ultra-pure water rinse, and Step 4 High Resolution Rinse. Each step has its own dedicated brush.

Note: After the first complete cleaning, you only need to rinse the LP before playing if it gets dusty.  No need to repeat all the steps unless the record gets dirty. Click on the Detailed Instruction link above for more information.

Prelude gets down deeper into the grooves and removes any contaminants. The improvement in the sound is startling. You will be amazed at how much information an LP contains.  If you want everything an LP can give you, you must try Prelude Quartet.

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Price: $215.00
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