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Walker Audio's Precision Motor Drive Mk II
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Walker Audio's Precision Motor Drive Mk II

Power Conditioners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Designed for all turntables using an AC drive motor, the Walker Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive stabilizes the electrical power that your turntable receives and precisely controls the speed.

You'll find that your analog system is more convenient to use. With the ease of changing speeds at the touch of a switch, you'll be enjoying your 45 rpm LPs more.

For an LP to sound as it was intended to, it must be played at exactly the right speed.  However, when an AC drive motor receives noisy electrical power that varies in voltage and frequency, it is almost impossible for a turntable to maintain a constant speed. To make matters worse, the motor itself injects electrical rotational noise back into the AC power line, making the power even noisier for your other electronics.

The Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive will present the motor with an ideally-shaped, ultra-clean and stable power drive signal that is totally unaffected by any fluctuations in AC power supply. This reduces the cogging effect and allows the motor to run more smoothly and at exactly the right speed without drift.

The speed, either 33 1/3 or 45 rpms, is selected by a switch on the front of the motor drive. It is no longer necessary to change pulleys to change speed. Fine speed adjustments for 33 1/3 and 45 rpm are adjustable separately on the front panel.

The Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive also prevents electrical noise from the AC drive motor from contaminating the AC power supply for your other components. With the Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive in your analog system, you will immediately notice a larger, stable, transparent sound stage, with faster dynamics and better harmonics, without grain or glare.

The Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive solves the problems created due to variations in manufacturing tolerances of the pulleys and platters. The speed can be set exactly and will hold that setting indefinitely.

All AC drive motors are sensitive to absolute phase. The Precision Isolated Power Motor Drive allows you to set the correct phase with a switch on the side for a very nice improvement in the sound.


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