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Tara Labs's Zero GX Phono (DIN)
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Tara Labs's Zero GX Phono (DIN)

Tonearm Cables by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

Note: XLR version is pictured.

The Zero GX Phono cable is made using a pair of conductors for each channel.  These two conductors are helixed around a center Teflon® tube, while eight more smaller tubes are helixed together in the arrangement of 10 entities and are  then grouped and helixed around the larger center tube.  This allows for the conductors to be continuous from end to end, not cut at the Y junction.
At the Y junction of The Zero GX Phone Cable, we have invented and arranged a “star-ground” system with a variety of optional male/female mini-banana connections.  This system is unrivalled in that it provides the option of floating or connecting different sections of The Zero GX Phono Cable shielding system.
There are subtle differences to be heard, some of which are caused by slight variations in the shield and grounding arrangements of the cartridge and the tone-arm, and the turntable and the phone preamp.
As we all know, the shield/ground formats in the Phono interface are sometimes different enough to create a hum or buzz problem.  With The Zero GX Phono Cables proprietary shielding system, we are able to provide a method of optimizing the shield and ground system for the lowest possible noise floor in this critical component interface.

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $3,800.00
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