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Chang Lightspeed's Power Zero
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Chang Lightspeed's Power Zero

Power Cables by Chang Lightspeed

Manufacturer's Description:

Great news! Now you can experience the full potential that has remained untapped in your components that feature detachable power cords. The Chang Lightspeed Power One MKII and Power Zero upgrade power cords are ready to unlock that trapped performance.

Let's face it, ultimately every component is only as good as its power cord allows it to be. The power cord is the gate, the choke-point through which all AC power must pass. The quantity and quality of the AC that is fed to the input side of the power supply must effect what emerges from the output side to energize the component's circuitry. Garbage in, garbage out.    

Regarding quantity: The size (gauge) and electrical characteristics (inductance) of an AC cord effect how readily AC can flow through that cord. The easier the flow, the greater the amount delivered, and the faster the delivery occurs. The goal is to deliver the full current rating instantly upon demand. Both the Lightspeed Power One and Power Zero utilize 12 gauge solid core wiring in a configuration that results in ultra-low inductance and ultra-high speed of transmission. A minimum of 20 amperes of current is available instantly without loss.

Regarding quality: An AC cord is more than just a power cord. Unfortunately, it is also an antenna that does a credible job of absorbing EM (electromagnetic) fields and attracting RF (radio frequency) interference. These contaminants hinder the power supply in achieving its goal of supplying reliable, regulated, and uncontaminated power upon demand to the waiting circuitry. An AC cord is also a two-way street; it can pass contaminants out of a component just as readily. Components with digital circuitry will generate copious amounts of noise that ride out through the power cord, radiating from the cord as it behaves as a broadcast antenna, and passing through the cord into the AC line to contaminate other components. The Lightspeed filtered power chords feature filtration and isolation modules strategically placed within the cord to block passage of noise through the cord in both directions, and to inhibit both reception and transmission of noise by the cord acting as an antenna.

The improvements wrought by either the Power One and Power Zero are immediate and significant. Dynamics are extended at both extremes; micro-dynamic shadings emerge as never before, crescendos and dynamic peaks are simply unleashed. Music becomes more rhythmic, more propulsive, more involving. Control is enhanced at all frequencies and is most easily appreciated in the deep bass. Bass reproduction acquires another level of detail, texture, and force of impact. Soundstaging will potentially expand in all directions, as appropriate to the recording, with more precise localization within the expanded soundstage.

Both the Power One and Power Zero feature hospital-grade AC plugs and an IEC standard connectors. A 6 foot length is standard with custom lengths available upon request.

The result of intensive research and development abetted by extensive listening evaluations, the Power One and Power Zero have received enthusiastic acceptance from those already enjoying the benefits of power filtration. The Chang Lightspeed Power One and Power Zero replace that final weak link in the AC chain with results that are consistently described as dramatic.

 The CLS Power Zero:

    * Utilizing the CLS Reference isolation module
    * Ultra low inductance
    * Ultra high speed
    * Super low noise
    * Super transparency
    * Ultimate dynamic contrast
    * 12 gauge solid core construction

This ultimate power cord from Chang provides state of the art performance for video and audio lovers.

Special price incentives available when purchased with Chang Power Conditioner.

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