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Acoustic Revive's Power Max III
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Acoustic Revive's Power Max III

Power Cables by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

Ground breaking cable structure by employing new materials

The cable sheath of POWER MAX III is a special one which contains Tourmaline, developed and adapted by us.

Tourmaline is ore with slight potential, it generates negative ions which react on voltage and electrical waves, it also prevents and removes static electricity.

By adopting This sheath containing Tourmaline for the outer sheath, POWER MAX III generates negative ions when AC power is supplied, and prevents/eliminates the generation of static electricity to create a clearer power supply.

We also adopted a natural cotton as a damping material and creating a rapid improvement of the audible sense of relief by installing the air layer by cotton, and high sound quality with a feel of distinguished energy is created by the removal of electrostatic by using natural materials.

For shielding, we applied a current copper foil sheet that creates a 100% shielding effect.

This prevents outbreak of stray electric current which realizes a much high quality sound with increased transparency and silence. Furthermore this eliminates the noise found in many other power cables that have meshed shielding (full of openings) that causes a straying electric current as well.

On the outside of POWER MAX II, we adopted a CSF tube (Mesh tube which contains a high level of carbon) to further improve shielding effect and the signal to noise ratio.

A custom power plug and connector made by Oyaide Electric Co. Ltd.

Each contact part of the power supply plug and connector has a specular (mirror like) finish which much improves the contact surface area. The plug and connector are a custom made version by us based on the rhodium plated C-037 and P-037 of Oyaide Electric Co. For further improvement of conductivity and durability, all the metal parts have been processed by super cryogenic treatment (-196°C).

This Super Cryogenic treatment at -196°C has the effect of clearing distortion and improves the conductivity of the metal parts. However, when Super Cryogenic treatment is processed on an assembled plug or connector, the maximum cryogenic temperature that can be used is about -85℃ to avoid a damage in the outer plastic parts. For this reason, we carry out the Super Cryogenic treatment (-196°C) only on conductive metal parts before assembling plugs and connectors. As a result of the combination of the specular finished surface and the Super Cryogenic treatment, we could achieve an ultimate conductivity.

As a result of the combination of the specular finished surface and the Super Cryogenic treatment, we could achieve an ultimate conductivity.

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