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Solid Steel's Power Amplifier Table Model B
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Solid Steel's Power Amplifier Table Model B

Racks and Stands by Solid Steel

Manufacturer's Description:

In high-quality hi-fi systems, it is always a good idea to keep the power amp well away from the preamp and source components. It is in fact preferable to have one’s amp rest on an entirely different surface than the other equipment. With this in mind, Solidsteel has thus developed the Model A and Model B, perhaps the most advanced power amp tables ever built. Specifically designed for units that weigh at least six (6) kilograms / 13 pounds, the Models A and B can accommodate virtually every power amp currently available.

Four-leg power amp table, steel frame with anti-resonant finish. One MDF shelf in matte grey finish. Composite rubber decoupling between frame and shelf.

So many of you have been asking for great sounding, reasonably priced equipment racks that offer exceptional component isolation. Here they are…

Solidsteel's outstanding equipment racks, amplifier stands and speaker stands are sonically superior as well as beautiful to look at. They are exceptionally well designed and built, enhance the sound of any components (including turntables) placed on them, and look great in the process. Audiophile sensibilities and Italian design have converged in a single product. Solid Steel racks present our systems, not only in our showroom, but also in our homes, (and camping trips!) in the best light both sonically and visually. Now you can achieve the same results for your system. Solidsteel's racks are hand-welded for rigidity and stability, and the welding is a work of art, regardless of price or model. The stainless steel structural tubes incorporate crimped steel bars at the end of each tube, and are coated with either silver or black anti-resonance paint. The dimensions of the racks, and the shape of the cones are all chosen to maximize sonic benefits. Each 4-legged rack is equipped with adjustable leveling spikes, and are fillable with lead, sand, or Microbearing steel to further enhance their performance.

The frames are constructed from steel and finished in black or silver anti-resonant paint.

The legs can be fitted with height-adjustable stainless steel spikes.

The shelves are produced from 19 mm- / 0.85 inch-thick MDF.

Decoupling between the chassis and the shelf is achieved via constrained-layer damping: a special layer of resonance-deadening rubber is sandwiched between two stiffer rubber discs; this three-section “shock absorber” is then inserted between the shelf and the table’s legs.

Overall dimensions - 18.5"x6"x16"
Dimensions of top shelf - 18.5"x16" "

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