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Chang Lightspeed's Power 30
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Chang Lightspeed's Power 30

Power Cables by Chang Lightspeed

Manufacturer's Description:

The CLS 305, CLS 405, and CLS 505 feature high quality 14 gauge cords as normally supplied. The CLS 605 and CLS 705 come equipped with a low inductance 11 gauge cord with 20 amp capacity. The CLS 705 and the Cinema series receive 30 amp capacity, 9 gauge low inductance AC cords as standard issue. The performance of all Lightspeed units can be dramatically enhanced by the substitution of ultra-low inductance, ultra-high speed AC upgrade cords.

The Power 30 is rated to a minimum of 30 amps and utilizes 9 gauge ultra-low inductance wiring. This cord is wired in an ultra-high speed configuration and features hospital grade plugs for maximum current transfer. 

Performance enhancements include increased dynamic contrast, increased articulation due to tighter control, and expansion and increased resolution of the soundstage. 

Special price incentives available when purchased with Chang Power Conditioner.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $375.00
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