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Furman Sound's Pluglock Locking Outlet System
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Furman Sound's Pluglock Locking Outlet System

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by Furman Sound

Manufacturer's Description:


    * Outlets spaced widely enough for five bulky transformer “wall warts”
    * Has clamps to securely lock wall warts into place
    * Can lock regular plugs as well as wall warts
    * Mounts safely out of sight, in the back of your rack
    * Heavy duty 5 foot, 14 AWG three – conductor cord
    * Circuit-breaker protected
    * All steel construction
    * Clamps adjust from 0.4” to 2.1” above outlet
    * Three Year Warranty


Current Rating:    15 Amps
Dimensions:    12.6” H x 2.3” W x 2.5” D.
Mounting Hole Spacing:    11.6 ”
Weight:    2.125 lbs.

Pricing Information

Price: $44.95
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