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Wireworld Cable Technology's Platinum Starlight 7  2.0  (USB A to B)
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Wireworld Cable Technology's Platinum Starlight 7 2.0 (USB A to B)

USB Cable by Wireworld Cable Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

How do  you improve upon one of the best-performing, best selling USB cables on the market?  The Platinum Starlight USB has been all of that and then some since its release more than 2 years ago.  David Salz, the lead designer of Wireworld certainly had his work cut out for him in order to make version 7 of the Platinum Starlight USB even better!

The Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB Cable features the use of Composilex 2 as a dielectric, which absorbs three times as much noise from the shielded power conductor as the original.  The geometry of the cable has also been completely redesigned so that the signal pathway now is capable of even high transmission speeds while the power conductors have been further isolated from the signal.  Given the much higher transmission speeds of digital data over USB, any time the throughput and bandwidth of the cable can be improved, the more digital information will get to the DAC intact and be decoded closer to what the recording engineer had in mind.  The connectors have also been improved for better contact and firmer grip, further reducing one of the sources of interference/degradation in digital data transmission.

With all of these improvements, we would have to say that David succeeded in spades in his quest to make the Platinum Starlight 7 USB achieve an  even higher level of performance, all the while keeping the price for this version the same.  Quite an accomplishment!

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Source End [Upstream]
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Price: $500.00
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