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Jena Labs's Platinum .2 Series
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Jena Labs's Platinum .2 Series

Power Conditioners by Jena Labs

Manufacturer's Description:
Includes 1116-20 Royal powercord.

The Platinum.2 consists of an exquisitely made, extruded, anodized aluminum case with stainless button-screw mounting and flat side plates to hold the unit together. It is an attractive, form-follows-function design with four large, solid rubber feet underneath it to assist in dampening the aluminum shell.

The Platinum is stuffed to the gills with a level of filtration functionally the same as that of the 3.1 Washing Machine. All of the ultra-high-grade components are of the individual component type and are assembled in a point-to-point configuration. Each outlet has its own filter network, and the group of outlets has a collective group filter.

  •  Dedicated 20A inlet connector feeding a dedicated 20A circuit breaker/ power switch.
  •  The Platinum is fitted with both gas tube arresters and MOSORB technology, as protection against lightning strikes and Transient Voltage Suppression. 
  •  A very high quality network of filters is both dedicated to the individual outlets and the entire network that feeds those with AC power. 
  • The unit ships with our high-grade, dedicated 20A power cord designed specifically for the 20A inlet. 
  • Components that benefit from cryogenic treatment are used where applicable.
  • The Platinum is suitable for all components, including amplifiers.

Pricing Information

Price: $3,300.00
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