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Acoustic Zen's Pixel Perfect One DVI-D
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Acoustic Zen's Pixel Perfect One DVI-D

Video: DVI by Acoustic Zen

Manufacturer's Description:

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is the newest generation of video display technologies. Acoustic Zen's "Pixel Perfect ONE" DVI cables transmit absolutely uncompressed digital video signals based on T.M.D.S format from all possible sources -- laptop notebooks, desktop computers, video scalers, DVD video players, as well as plasma displays, LCD monitors, and video projectors. In addition, Acoustic Zen's ground-breaking HDMI cables, "Pixel Perfect TWO," incorporate the most accurate reproduction of the high- definition multimedia video interface (HDMI), the emerging standard for transmitting digital video signals along with multi-channel digital audio, both on a single cable. This new technology delivers pixel-for-pixel accuracy in ultra high resolution images. HDMI also supports 8-channel digital audio, with extremely wide bandwidth that will accommodate future audio and video enhancements. Acoustic Zen's leadership in paving the way for transmitting these high-definition signals with utter, uncompressed clarity is at the forefront of DVI and HDMI cable design in the world of ultra high-definition audio and video.

Acoustic Zen's "Pixel-Perfect ONE" DVI and "Pixel Perfect TWO" HDMI cables are configured for single –link operation. All cables implement our world famous ultra-high resolution long grain crystal copper with multi-coat silver plating. All cables employ air-injected PE foam insulation with Acoustic Zen's unique air-twisted floating geometry for maximum digital signal transmission. Acoustic Zen's "Pixel Perfect ONE" and "Pixel Perfect TWO" cables have no jitter distortion. Zero. None. Our patent-pending "Z-winding" quad shielding design eliminates all EMI & RF interference. Not least, our direct gold-plated connectors maximize signal transfer for naturally true color warmth, increased depth of images, and a crystal clear non-pixelated video display.

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