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Harmonic Technology's Photon Link (Pair)
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Harmonic Technology's Photon Link (Pair)

Interconnects by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

The second generation of the CyberLight Wave Photon Transducer Interconnect that is optimized for Source-to-Preamp connections (recommended input: 2.5 Vrms).

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending LAM ensures music is never digitized and offers the lowest possible noise floor
  • The LAM modules are applied at both ends of the cable, ensuring absolutely no analog-to-digital conversion
  • Fiber-optic technology ensures entire signal path is purely analog, without any sampling
  • Light transmission through the fiber is uni-directional
  • Since back reflection is extremely low (< -55dB), optical isolators are unnecessary
  • Leverages telecommunication laser and fiber technology rather than LED and plastic/polymer fiber found in Toslink cables
  • Photon light signals make it immune to EMI and RFI interference
  • No DC measurement at the receiving termination, with added logic to prevent any possible DC leak to the destination device
  • A broader frequency response range and provides even better sound quality and detail presentation
  • Better measurement data than the CyberLight Wave
  • Musical information is preserved to a greater degree due to complete lack of digitization
  • No sampling or mathematical algorithms problems to provide an even greater depth, airiness and soundstage
  • With the signal path being unidirectional, the signal ground loop is completely isolated, creating a much darker background
  • Better preservation of natural harmonics, resulting in the ultimate three-dimensional acoustics, with flat frequency response up to 40 MHz
  • Easy component impedance match so components can perform at its designed peak
  • The bass is the tightest, deepest, AND most articulate, with no bloat—just rich tones and superb definition
  • Highs are crystalline, precise and all musical passages unravel with ease
  • One-year warrantee

Revolutionary Fiber Optic Interconnect Cable
As two-channel and multi-channel music, and even surround systems, reach ever greater resolutions, selecting the best interconnects to bring each component together into perfect harmony has become one of the most crucial and complex decisions. For the truly discriminating, the choice is fiber-optically clear: Black-jacketed Photon Link analog interconnects (source-to-preamp).

By adapting glass fiber and laser-like technology to the audio realm, Harmonic Technology has created a new generation of interconnects to bring the ultimate level of performance to audiophiles. Through patent-pending, miniaturized LAM (Light Analog Module) Photon Transducers, the Photon Link converts audio signals to light pulses, with absolutely no digital conversions, to unleash the sonic depth, accuracy and power of every signal. The entire signal path remains purely analog without any sampling to capture amazing clarity. The photon density modulated optical information travels at the speed of light to eliminate any capacitance, inductances, skin effects, phase shifts and signal loss up to 200m. The result is a seductively quiet background, luscious harmonics and a transparent three-dimensional soundstage.

Ground-Breaking Technology
Figuratively and literally speaking, Photon technology is truly ground-breaking. The photon density modulated light signal actually does break the ground between components yielding a signal largely (or completely with the i-Pure DC Power Supply) unaffected by humming noise along the ground plane. With the signal path completely isolated from the ground, the Photon Link ensures that there is no possibility of the cables passing noise between components, nor acting as an antenna for RFI or EMI induced distortions, which keeps the noise floor extremely low and reduces smearing.

Please note: Because there are no physical wires built within the Photon Link, an extra ground wire may be needed in order to ensure components are on the same ground level.

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