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Eichmann ETI's PhonoPod HC-XTC Female RCA (Set of 2)
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Eichmann ETI's PhonoPod HC-XTC Female RCA (Set of 2)

RCA by Eichmann ETI

Manufacturer's Description:

Pack of 2

* Low mass design means low inductive reactance for superior, extended bandwidth and better detailed and more coherent sound.
* Gold micro-plating over high conductivity copper alloy (XTC).
* 20 micron gold micro-plating over pure copper (HC-XTC). This results in better signal transfer, higher resolution, and our unique controlled 'skin-depth ratio' or SDR™ for enhanced frequency/phase coherency.
* True 75 Ohm impedance. Ideal connector for use in digital or video applications
* Manufacturer friendly. Location of solder points provides ease of assembly and component manufacturing.

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Price: $58.00
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