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The German high end magazine "hifi & records“ had published in issue 4/2003 a very extensive test report about nearly all presently available high quality phono cables. Totally 18 phono cables from all of the well known cable manufacturers in different price ranges were evaluated.

From the FADEL ART product range the entry level model “PhonoLitz” and the top of the line model “Reference One Phono” participated in this test.

The “PhonoLitz” cable was rated as a phono cable with very high precision and was a clear recommendation for its reasonable price. At the other end the “Reference One Phono” was the second to none reference phono cable for the reviewers.

Given below are some of the key remarks from the test report for the “PhonoLitz” and for the “Reference One Phono” cables:
... the “PhonoLitz” is very neutral with a pretty good sound stage. It allows a completely relaxed listening ...
... the definition and the sound image of the “PhonoLitz” leaved nothing to be desired ...
... no other cable of this test presented in a positive way such a smooth sound without any granularity as the “Reference One Phono” cable ...
... over all frequencies the “Reference One Phono” cable was absolutely harmonious and each note was reproduced totally natural ...

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