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PS Audio's PerfectWave Bridge
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PS Audio's PerfectWave Bridge

Misc. Accessories by PS Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

The Bridge is a custom designed PC board that slides into the back of any PerfectWave DAC.  When you hold it in your hand, it doesn’t seem like much; but don’t let its small size fool you.  Under the hood of the Bridge is an incredible high-resolution 192kHz 32 bit capable network interface with innovations and technological breakthroughs galore.

The bridge is unlike anything ever built to date.  Instead of a “quasi asynchronous” clocking system found in most systems we have investigated, the Bridge is a true asynchronous parallel 32 bit system approach.  This means that there are actually two low jitter isolated and separate clocks (44.1kHz and 48kHz) that are completely unrelated to any other clock in the Bridge for true asynchronous performance.

There is also no digital manipulation of any kind going on in the Bridge, either through sample rate converters or DSP’s whatsoever.  While many of our competitors rely on system wide clocking and digital manipulation to lower jitter and improve performance, only the PS Bridge has a real Digital Lens built into its architecture, providing low jitter I2S music without any digital manipulation and the differences are easy to hear; the PS combo is simply stunning.

The bridge contains all the CODECS (programs) to convert just about any format of audio into what the PerfectWave DAC wants for perfection; I2S.  Once the Bridge gets a network music stream, it figures out what the native format is (FLAC, WAV, ALAC, MP3, etc.) and converts the format into a pure digital audio stream without any associated clocks.  This is important because this data, once converted to its raw format, can then be placed into the 256mB memory of the Digital lens and then output in I2S directly into the DAC.

The I2S format has separate clocks and data lines that never mix with each other and therefore there is little to no jitter.  The Bridge can accept any format with resolutions up to 192kHz, 32 bits and feed that info directly into the PWD for sound that simply takes your breath away.

Compare the sound of a CD or DVD disc through the PWT into the Bridge/DAC combo and the differences are so small (if at all) that you’ll have fun debating your friends on which one they are listening to.  In multiple side-by-side A/B tests here at the PS Audio Reference System, differences between the Bridge and PWT are so small as to be non-existent.

Just for the fun of it!
The bridge allows PWD owners to enter the world of connected audio and rediscover their music in a fun way that has no compromises.  You aren’t tied to a computer, you can store your music anywhere in the house (as long as there is a network), you can connect either wirelessly or wired, and perhaps for the first time in a very long time, you’ll be having more fun with your collection than you have in years.

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