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PS Audio's Perfect Wave AC-10
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PS Audio's Perfect Wave AC-10

Power Cables by PS Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

The PerfectWave AC10 is the second best sounding power cable we’ve made in the last decade. The AC-10 sets a new standard for high-end aftermarket power cables within its range.

Perfect AC power is a critical requirement for high-performance audio/video systems. Delivering that power to your equipment, without loss, is the job of the AC power cable. The low noise, high-speed design of the AC-10 is based on 5 patents and years of listening and engineering. The PerfectWave series brings a new level of refined beauty, power and spacious performance to high-end, high-performance systems.

It helps connected equipment enjoy a breathtaking openness, with quick transients combined with a warmth and richness that we have never before experienced.

The AC10 is the Penultimate cable

The PerfectWave AC Series represents our crowning achievement in the art of power cable construction, practiced over the last decade and the PerfectWave AC10 is the penultimate of the series.  This is one excellent sounding power cable and nearly unmatched in its performance on any high-end system.

One listen to the AC10 and you’ll wonder why you ever tolerated anything else.  Openness, purity, stunning imaging, transparency, slam – this cable has it all.

Use the AC10 in your most demanding audio situations.  Between the wall or Power Plant Premier and your power amplifier, preamplifier, DAC or even the phono preamplifier.  Whatever this cable connects to, the sound is really quite extraordinary.  The soundstage opens up in ways perhaps you didn’t even realize your system was capable of.  It’s all there, and with the AC10 you get every bit of sound possible.  It is our finest power cable ever and we absolutely guarantee one listen is all you need to hear what we’re writing about.  The AC10 is that good.

The PerfectWave AC Series consists of 4 models of AC power cables: AC-3, AC-5, AC-10 and AC-12.

The PerfectWave series has our patented wire geometry and conductor shape in common with each model.  The differences between models covers the wire gauge, number of conductors and shielding.

Any of the 4 PerfectWave AC Series of power cables would be a great, respected choice for any system.  As the model numbers go up, so too does the level of performance benefits, but all models represent a dramatic improvement over any stock power cable.

Specific to the AC10 you’ll find 10 gauge pure PCOCC copper in multiple gauges and shapes.  Inside the AC10 are two hollow PCOCC conductors for the treble regions, one massive PCOCC rectangular conductor for the midrange, multiple gauges of PCOCC bundled together for the bass.  The results of these design decisions is something extraordinary to experience.  The AC10 replacing any stock power cable is nothing short of revelatory.

The design philosophy of the AC Series

The performance goals for the AC Series focused on creating a perfectly balanced power cable.  Each of the 4 models incorporates the same construction geometry blended in such a way that the limitations of each model would not upset the delicate balance we were looking for.

Balance between the three main tonal characteristics of music, bass, midrange and treble, is managed in the AC Series by a combination of conductor shape, materials and geometry.  The exact formulation for each of the models is designed by careful listening and evaluation engineering, but based on some of the principals contained in several patents, chief among them 6,969,805 of the US patent office and licensed to PS Audio by the inventor.

The patent describes an elegant solution to managing tonal characteristics of the reproduced audio by leveraging the properties of shaped conductors; specifically square for midrange and a thin flat conductor for the treble.

Using these techniques and this unique geometry we designed the conductor configuration for each of the 4 cables in the line.  We carefully vary the wire gauge, the skin effect and core sizes for the midrange and the surface area for the treble to achieve the perfect blended and balanced cable within each of the constraints of all 4 models.

Geometry, conductor design and blending techniques are the core philosophies on the PerfectWave AC Series.  But it takes a lot more than just cable geometry and conductor configurations to make a great high-end power cable.

Advanced techniques must be employed in the other critical areas including: shielding, conductor materials, directionality, insulation and the connectors themselves.

The bottom line of all this attention to details and design efforts can be summed up with but one listen to the difference between your equipment powered with a stock off-the-shelf power cable or an AC Series from PS Audio.  The differences are extraordinary.  

It’s all in the design and construction

A stock power cable is something manufacturers purchase in large volumes from the lowest cost vendors and include in their products as a courtesy to make sure you can operate your equipment from the moment you open your new products.  These power cables will always be adequate in terms of power delivery but rarely designed to take advantage of all the performance values the equipment is capable of.

Including a proper power delivery system for each piece of equipment is a cost prohibitive procedure for manufacturers and thus it is left up to the after-market to design and supply better quality power cables; and savvy customers to appreciate the difference.

When choosing a proper power cable for connected equipment, it is important to choose a model with adequate shielding, proper materials and well designed connectors that are up to the task at hand.  The PS Audio PerfectWave AC Series represents exactly the type of power delivery system you need for any high-end audio or video equipment.

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