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Jena Labs's Pathfinder Digi-Link (AES/EBU)
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Jena Labs's Pathfinder Digi-Link (AES/EBU)

Digital: AES/EBU by Jena Labs

Manufacturer's Description:
Note: RCA version is pictured.

Jena Labs produces a very wide spectrum of interconnects and speaker cables for home stereo and professional applications. We are proud of the reputation they have achieved, and customer loyalty has been remarkable. We firmly believe that anyone who produces the best of something is eventually going to develop the reputation he or she deserves. That kind of reputation cannot be bought. That is how we have survived and thrived for so long.  

We developed a concept that continues to this day,  our interconnects are built to an supreme standard of excellence in performance. The application of Science and Art is not mutually exclusive but one must not be subservient to the other as regards to the main goal of Supreme performance. In the end, it is the performance mark that defines what they are made of, how they are made and what these products look like. We will continue to make cables of that caliber, in every category and type we produce.

  • Immersion cryogenic treatment included on all models.
  • All braided interconnects and power cords will have variances in lengths which is a product of both the braiding by hand and the phase length control we employ to ensure the highest performance possible.  we carefully calculate to hold something close to a specified length with precision of replication but in reality they might be a little longer... such that an interconnect ordered to be 3 ft might actually be 3 ft 1 inch-ish, sort of. Perfection of sound is the goal, not  accuracy of absolute length which will vary even with handling a finished interconnect... They are braided and not with a machine.

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Source End [Upstream]
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Price: $3,050.00
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