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Pagode Master Reference
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Pagode Master Reference

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We have recently experienced lengthy delays in deliveries from Finite Elemente. Please contact us to discuss the timing of your purchase, your system, and best resonance control options.

Manufacturer's Description:

* Call for pricing and options.  Pricing starts at $4125.00.

The pagode hi-fi rack system harmoniously combines unadulterated music reproduction and functionality. The ever-present problem of sound-influencing resonances has been solved without compromise using specially selected materials, efficient design and measuring engineering investigations.

Lightweight construction in conjunction with non-magnetic materials such as aluminium and solid Canadian maple wood form the basis of a modular system that results in a model range offering the widest range of combination possibilities.
Three model variants, available in four heights and four widths, provide the perfect hi-fi rack for just about every conceivable application.

Spike, absorber and resonator technologies ensure a neutral resonance environment, where the audio components can demonstrate their sound capabilities without any restriction.

The pagode° HD Master Reference displays its know-how in the design of
high-quality hi-fi rack systems.
The attractive optics and the excellent finish represent only the external qualities.

The optional extra-wide design allows audio components to be placed next to each other which is a method suitable for living rooms, but without detracting from their actual purpose, namely the natural reproduction of music at the highest level.
Individual shelves provide best decoupling of the audio components placed hereon. Each shelf is adjustable in height and level.

* innovative resonator technology for effective resonance
* attenuation
* outstanding sound properties
* excellent finish
* high design quality
* available in 60 cm height with 2 or 3 levels or 85 cm height with 4 or 5 levels
* Finishes: Canadian maple wood, natural or with black pearl structure, side uprights in anodized aluminium or with high-gloss polished finish.

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