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Oyaide's PA-23 (Bulk)
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Oyaide's PA-23 (Bulk)

Bulk AC cables by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

It's high quality compatible with the usability.

The Oyaide elec.has firm design thought when we make a cable.We don't compromise,the pursuit of a good performance and the innovative ideas.also novel concepts.We always impressed people in consideration of needs and a trend.

The PA-23/PA-22 was made with a novel concept and firm design thought.The basic architecture follows the equation of a typical cabtyre cable.It unites the performance to safety by a high dimension. The exterior's color is calcium white of the elegant finish.It has innovatives idea and unprecedented novel concepts.It adopted four kinds of a different compound. As a result, the traction control and flexibility were achieved. The shield is two layer noise protection system by copper foil and the semiconductor carbon compound. The structure is PCOCC-A multi stranding structure of seven ideal distributions. Our technology has advanced level and creativity.

PA-23/ PA-22 gives pleasure to make a tone with your sense. It is a prelude to refined luxurious sound.

This is an ultra pure single crystal copper originally developed by Professor Ohno. It was then further evolved into PCOCC utilizing a single copper grain wire. This design results in an extremely low level of signal disturbance and loss factor due to the lack of crystallinebordersin the signal path.

We have further evolved this technology with a highly controlled heating and cooling process and improved surface management to realize mirror finish. It is now called PCOCC-A and it is the eepitome of Japanese craftsmanship.

In late years we came to grips with approach to vibration in a cable.PA-23/PA-22 has good results it.We chose four kinds of resins. It decreases an internal vibration and the vibration from the outside. Attention is elastomer resin with the filling layer in a cable.PA-23/ PA-22 applied it to the power cable for the first time. The excellent repulsion power and energy-absorbing power decrease the vibration.The excellent traction control doesn't lose direct feel and precision.In addition, lightness and an excellent response are offered.

The PA-23/ PA-22 is power unit PCOCC-A of exchange 300V15A. It does not bundle the whole line.The PA-23/ PA-22 makes seven steady units geometrically.In addition, seven units of one were made a group. As a result, it restrains the distortion between lines to the minimum by removed a random space between a line . Furthermore, it contributes to the flexibility of PA-23/ PA-22 greatly.


The first layer is carbon.It is used to absorb therandom movement of electrons from current fluctuation stored in insulating materials.
The second layer is copper foil.It protect from external noise sources.
2-layer shielding is the best high S/N.

It is our philosophy at Oyaide to try every possibility until we achieve the best harmony of materials to use.

The PA-23/PA-22 adopted the hight polymer polyolefin of the characteristic with an extremely low permittivity. Moreover, we paid attention to the contact ratio of the insulator and the conductor.It came in contact with uniformly. As a result, deterioration due to the distortion between lines was removed.

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