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Oyaide's PA-2075
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Oyaide's PA-2075

Tonearm Cables by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

Dedicated to Analog.

PCOCC-A is a core component of all PA series lineup and is a key factor for high-quality and high-performance only from Oyaide Electric. Each model of PA series has its own concept and identity individualized by materials and structures.

The PA-2075 coaxial cable is a parallel-layout structure designed to be compact and lightweight. In order to reduce conductor resistance and transmit weak analog signal effectively, the overall diameter of the conductor strands was increased to 0.5sq.
The high density spiral shielding structure is composed of PCOCC-A for its highly effective behavior in an ultra compact layout.
The semiconductor (carbon PVC) layer is provided for the purpose of eliminating static electricity without exerting any influence on the conductor.
As an insulator, we selected high polymer polyethylene which has the same permittivity as Teflon but is halogen-free for audio application.

The genuinely innovative product is produced by applying the latest materials and structures based on solid data. PA-2075 expands possibility and enjoyment of your life with analog audio.


PA-2075 was created for transmitting ultra-week analog signal. Due to the fact that its electric capacitance is set to 110.0pF/m (1kHz) and characteristic impedance is set to 44Ω, PA-2075 has excellent signal transmitting capability.

The 5PIN plug and RCA plug, designed to compliment the PA-2075 cable, are uniquely able to extract the full potential of the PA-2075. Each contact is rhodium plated to prevent corrosion. The internal insulating material is made from low-dielectric PTEE to extenuate the loss of signal transmission, and the RCA plug attenuates unnecessary vibration by means of its unique inner resin filling that is inserted after soldering has been completed.
Each component of PA-2075 DR/RR is produced and processed in Japan with confidence in our standard “Made in Japan”. 

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