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Oyaide's PA-02 (Bulk)
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Oyaide's PA-02 (Bulk)

Bulk Interconnect by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

This TUNAMI is a multi design for "Speaker and Power".

The TUNAMI recorded the best sales in 2005 because of a novel idea and a wonderful sound .
And TUNAMI NIGO for speakers releases it now.It removed the ground lead of TUNAMI,and the cable is constructed using PCOCC-A wire developed by Furukawa Electric using advanced heat control and extrusion technology.The multi-design that TUNAMI NIGO can use a speaker cord, power cord together.The outer sheath color is ceramic white and matches to the interior design.

The cable utilizes a 5.5 sq has a big dumping factor, and transmits the signal without the loss to 16m(reference value). Of course it is rated up to 30 amps and can take up to 600 volts A/C. This makes it a leaderin its class deliveringa powerful sound. In addition it has a unique 3 layer shielding system not only to shut out external noise but also to suppress internal noise resulting in a very low noise floor.

The sound quality of TUNAMI NIGO is a high range and a clear sound that create a sense of tension. The sound character is elegant yet aggressive, agile and well-muscled as well as TUNAMI.

This is an ultra pure single crystal copper originally developed by Professor Ohno. It was then further evolved into PCOCC utilizing a single copper grain wire. This design results in an extremely low level of signal disturbance and loss factor due to the lack of crystallinebordersin the signal path.

We have further evolved this technology with a highly controlled heating and cooling process and improved surface management to realize mirror finish. It is now called PCOCC-A and it is the eepitome of Japanese craftsmanship.

It is a fundamental requirement for cables to be protected from external noise.The speaker cable transmits the signal at a comparatively high level and sometimes does electromagnetic interference to the audio cable etc. by generating the noise.

3-layer shielding of TUNAMI NIGO shuts out the coming from outside noise and the internal generation noise.

The first layer absorbs the disorders of electro magnetic field formation; a second carbon layer is used to absorb therandom movement of electrons from current fluctuation stored in insulating materials and a final third copper foil layer with a drain wire to protect from external noise sources. The Drain wire is then connected to the "ground" for perfect shielding.


It is our philosophy at Oyaide to try every possibility until we achieve the best harmony of materials to use. We researched various hardness / density of insulation materials to determine the most ideal resonance control ability. The result was to use varying grades of high polymer polyolefin in the internal structure for the maximum effect.

We then developed a method to apply the insulation covering onto conductors with higher tension for a more constant and secure fitting.

Specification TUNAMI
Conductor     PCOCC-A
AWG(stranding)     5.5Sq(69/0.32mm)
Cable Structure     2P
Insulation(inner)     Polymer polyolefine
Insulation(outer)     Microwave absorber mixing polymer polyolefine
Outer     Polyurethane
Shield     1layer:electro magnetic field formation 2 layer:carbon PE 3layer:copper foil
cable O.D.     14.0mm
Volt/Amp     600V / 30A <PS>E 

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