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fo.Q's PA-01 Latex Coating for Tuning
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fo.Q's PA-01 Latex Coating for Tuning

Misc. Accessories by fo.Q

Manufacturer's Description:

Prior to use, be sure to mix the paint thoroughly until it is uniform. Use a paintbrush to apply small amounts of paint to parts of audio equipment where you want to dampen vibrations.

 Inside in speaker box / Frame of speaker unit / cable / chassis of the equipments / Parts such as capacitors and coils

・It is extremely difficult to remove the paint once it has been applied, so be careful where you apply it.

・PA-01 is water based. Please be careful when applying the paint to parts made from iron and other metals that can rust.

・If you note that the paint has separated, mix it thoroughly before using. There will be no problem with the product’s quality.

・Use up the paint quickly once the container has been opened. Failing to close it tightly will cause the contents to harden, making the paint useless. Exercise thorough precaution when storing the paint.


Material     polymer hybrid damping paint
Contents     50g

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