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Indeed, NuForce is getting a lot of reviews on TNT. Too many? Perhaps it is really so, but in my view this company is proposing very good sounding units at prices that, in a sane market, would immediately redefine the whole market geography. Unfortunately, hi-fi addicts have the insane pulsion to buy, and hi-end (but also mid and low-end) companies have fully leveraged this aspect for years, building up their own images as sole icons of true hi-fi.

No surprise, then, if a new entry as NuForce, sponsoring a new technology as class D, has found some resistance in entering the market. And no surprise if yours truly pays so much attention to this new entry. The P-8 has been the first NuForce preamplifier; it is not a very recent product, but its price tag makes it one of the few preamplifiers eligible for a mid priced system. So I was really interested in verifying the level of this unit, as not always power amplifier producers are able to achieve the same results with pre-amplifiers.

Construction and operation

The unit makes use of the usual NuForce cabinet, low profile and half size. The colours available again are the usual ones, silver, black, gold and copper, to match the 9SE power amps. Three sets of knobs, in black, silver and gold color, are included with each unit. The front panel is exactly the same as the IA-7 preamp, which is a further indication of the very high industrialization level reached by NuForce designs. Even the controls have the same

functions: the left knob works both as a power switch (pressed) and as an input selector (when rotated); the right one has the functions of volume (when rotated) and muting (pressed) control. The usual small leds give some indications on the state of the controls.

The back panel is, as usual, more crowded. The unit has three RCA inputs and one more input implemented as a 3mm stereo minijack. The output is double, balanced and unbalanced, and there is also a 3mm headphones output. A very complete set, I would say, even though I always prefer RCA inputs.

Operation is really straightforward, nothing strange or particular to flag.

Condition: Good -all original packaging,manuals, remote

Original Retail Price: $1650.00


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