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Oyaide's P-004e- Schuko Wall Plug
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Oyaide's P-004e- Schuko Wall Plug

AC Plugs by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

The basic material for the Oyaide P-004e European Schuko connector is Beryllium Copper, which provides maximum conductivity, strength, and a secure contact.

The surface of the P-004e Schuko is thoroughly polished TWICE. Then, a layer of platinum (.5 micron) is plated directly onto this polished surface, and the polishing process is again applied twice. Next, the Oyaide P-004e receives the final Palladium plating (0.3 micron), and is again polished twice. The combination of these polishing processes, platings, and thicknesses of platings ultimately leads to the final sound character. This connector is Oyaide's best male Schuko connector, with the exception of the M1e.

For the body of the Oyaide P-004e, Oyaide has chosen high density PBT, mixed with 30% glass filler. This combination was used to maximize rigidity, thermal stability and provide high resonance absorption. The outer shell is Polycarbonate.

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Price: $323.00
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