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Black Ravioli's Original Pad (Single)
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Black Ravioli's Original Pad (Single)

Feet by Black Ravioli

Manufacturer's Description:

The original pad

The original Black Ravioli Pad which is still our best selling item. The start point in the Black Ravioli range. Totally flexible in the way they can be used and never redundant.

The range has something for the modest system right to the very best high end components and it is aimed at delivering a coherent solution that results in an engaging performance.

The nominal dimensions of the Pads are 39mm x 39mm (55mm x 55mm including seems) x 11mm
(10mm fully compressed).

There are three groups in the second generation. These groups complement each other and can be applied collectively in a system, however they are not intended for mixed application on a single piece of equipment. Like the original Pad they allow for a progressive application into a system as funds allow and importantly they are never redundant, as you upgrade you can simply move them on in the system or to a whole new use such as visual.

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