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Wireworld Cable Technology's Orbit 16/4 (Pair)
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Wireworld Cable Technology's Orbit 16/4 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Wireworld Cable Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

Insta-Wire is the world’s fastest system for creating custom,  audiophile-quality speaker cables. It enables installers or consumers to terminate cables of exceptionally high quality, in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional designs, and with nothing more than a pair of scissors. It is as simple as cut, insert and snap. The low- inductance flat conductor design also provides higher fidelity than conventional cables, whether used with the Insta-Wire connectors, or with standard terminations.

The Insta-Wire speaker cable system includes both banana plugs and spade lugs that are compatible with four models of speaker cable, including three designed for in-wall use. The connector contacts are made of oxygen-free copper, clad in a thick layer of highly conductive silver, and then gold plated to prevent oxidation. These proprietary connectors eliminate the need to strip the cable’s conductors. Once the wire is inserted, the connector is snapped shut, driving silver-clad and gold-plated oxygen-free copper blades through the insulation to create a high-pressure crimp connection.

The cable’s unique conductors consist of 10 round strands arranged in a flat parallel group, with a cross- sectional area equivalent to a conventional 16-gauge (1.25mm2) round conductor.  These special conductors provide superior fidelity and they are essential to the function of the Insta-Wire connectors.

The Horizon 52 ribbon cable employs two flat Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors arranged side-by-side in a flexible white insulation. It is as thin as a dime, less than 1/16”(1.4 mm), and only 3/8” (10mm) wide, making it easy to conceal under moldings and carpets.

The Stream 16/2, Luna 16/4 and Orbit 16/4 cables are direct replacements for standard in-wall cables. Their flat conductors are stacked and twisted together inside round PVC jackets. Developed through objective perceptual  testing, this design minimizes inductive losses to produce  dramatic improvements in clarity, dynamics and spatial effects. These cables are UL-CL3 and CSA-FT4 rated for in- wall use. They also have sequential length markings, making them ideal for the installation professional.

The Stream 16/2 cable consists of a single pair of OFC conductors. The Luna 16/4 cable has four OFC conductors, which can be used for bi-wiring, or combined to create a 13 AWG (2.5mm2) cable. The Orbit 16/4 cable employs the same four conductor design as the
Luna 16/4, with the conductors upgraded to silver-clad OFC for improved resolution. The superiority of these cables is proven by their ability to preserve the clarity, tonality and dynamic impact of a direct connection, even over long runs.

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