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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Oracle V2.2 Biwire (Pair)
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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Oracle V2.2 Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by MIT - Music Interface Technologies

Manufacturer's Description:

MIT takes bi-wiring a step beyond creating seperate paths for the high and low frequencies by engineering Oracle networks for each frequency range. This topology delivers increased dynamic range, extended bass with increased bass weight. This year, MIT adds thirteen additional poles of articulation- a total of 57 poles (Wide) or 58 poles (Ultra-Wide). The new V2.2 produces better resolution of fine musical details, accurate soundstaging and imaging, and greater transparency across the entire audible range. Soundstage and imaging has once again been enhanced in the DOT.2 Oracles via recent improvements involving two proprietary MIT 2C3D technologies: SIT (Stable Image Technology) and JFA (Jitter Free Analog).

Lengths are measured from spade to network box union connector. Output tails are 18 inches.

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