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Helius Designs's Omega Silver Ruby
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Helius Designs's Omega Silver Ruby

Tonearms by Helius Designs

Manufacturer's Description:

The Silver-Ruby Omega is the high-performance version of the standard model. Although mechanically similar, the tungsten balls are replaced with 12 large rubies that are formatted in the Helius tradition of a 3-ball race.

In this configuration, 3 balls form a triangle in a close running journal with a 4th sphere pushing down into the centre of the triangle forming a tetrahedral array. This constitutes that absolute minimal friction levels possible in a captured bearing, yet also ensures point contact on all surfaces.

The design is perfect for tonearms and was invented by Helius, to our knowledge it remains unique to us.

Coupled with the jewels is silver internal wire. A choice is offered of two types, either 0.25mm single strand silver working in 2 twisted pairs, or a finer gauge of cryogenically treated wire twisted in Litzed pairs. Each channel being counter-twisted with respect to its electrical mate.

The Cryo arm uses nearly 8 meters of silver wire.

Aesthetically, the arm is a visual negative of the standard model, being silver with black counterweights.

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