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Chord Company's Odyssey 4 Biwire (Pair)
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Chord Company's Odyssey 4 Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Chord Company

Manufacturer's Description:

If you've already invested considerable time and effort on assembling a system, and you haven't tried Odyssey speaker cables, then you're not through yet.

This is the best speaker wire Chord have designed to date. It uses a twisted pair construction with Teflon insulation, in order to keep capacitance low, and maintain a consistently low dielectirc constant. Each conductor consists of 19 strands of oxygen free copper. These are heavily silver plated, as most of the signal travels on the conductors' surface. What this actually means, is that the Odyssey passes the signal with absolutely minimum hindrance. What you hear is music, with all its colour and energy intact.

Odyssey is available either as install cable, or in a discrete white silicon jacketed version, with either 2 Cores, for single wiring, or 4 Cores, for bi wiring. The white jacket is designed to leave the cable inconspicuous against a typical skirting board.

This price is for unterminataed speaker cable. Please call for termination options / orders.

FEATURES - Odyssey2 (Odyssey4)
Colour: White (White)
Design: Twisted Pair (2 x Twisted Pair)
Jacket: Silicon 8mm (Silicon 13mm)
Conductor: 12 AWG Silver Plated Copper (12 AWG Silver Plated Copper)
Strands: 2 x 19 (4 x 19)
Dielectric: Teflon (Teflon)

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