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Audio Replas's OPT-30 HG HR/3P (Set of 3)
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Audio Replas's OPT-30 HG HR/3P (Set of 3)

Feet by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

A spike receptacle for 30x10mm type was released in Super High Purity High-response Solid Quartz series!!

Thanks to our superior curving technology, we realized a very reasonable priced Spike receptacle with the highest grade HG quartz HR which highly affects the sound quality by its high speed vibration canceling power. An accurate conical curving and further R1 process at a contact point will improve the sound quality much more.The frequent request from the customers has been now realized. You can display a full capability of your equipment and can create a very accurate sound stage in front of you .

Pricing Information

Price: $700.00
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