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Audio Replas's OPT-30 HG 20HR/4P (Set of 3)
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Audio Replas's OPT-30 HG 20HR/4P (Set of 3)

Feet by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

30x20mm type was released in Super High Purity High-response Solid Quartz series. Height was increased to 20mm from 10mm height of OPT30HG series, and the vibration-canceller power was improved. By increasing height and Mass, a capability to cancel vibration energy is remarkably improved.  Super high S / N ratio, sound of full reality, smooth and openly, and worm as well ... ... no words to express it. This is the world's first insulator which can display 100% ability of equipment.  Please do not mix up with other similar-looking products made by  quartz, crystal glass, etc.

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Price: $1,295.00
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