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Audio Replas's OPT-1 HR/4P (Set of 4)
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Audio Replas's OPT-1 HR/4P (Set of 4)

Feet by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

High purity High-response quartz ... our original characteristic, has a very high "molecular joint power (power of molecular-binding)" comparing to any other materials, and due to this characteristic, it does not make any distortions not only in a hearing area of the frequency (20-20000 Hz), but also in a super low and super high frequency. Most of other brand insulators are not canceling vibrations, but just changing a colour of sound by a distortion of its material.

7 years long best seller OPT series has done a further evolution with a new material HR quartz.  Quartz crystal is the ultimate material for anti-vibration, and we further made a special treatment on it to improve this material to High-end audio grade, which is so called "High-Response Super High Purity Quartz Crystal" (HR Quartz).This new material can create a quite unexampled and matchless sound quality, a reality of a sound stage and an extreme high S/N ratio.  As HG series has a higher speed of response than previous series, there is remarkable improvement in super low frequency, smoothness of sound.  Besides, clearness, S/N ratio and a resolution power have been extremely improved and you will be able to arrange an ultimate sound tuning for your satisfaction.

■ MATERIAL: HR Treatment High-response High-purity Quartz Crystal (HG ... Super High Purity)
■Resonance frequency:Outside band ■ Resonance frequency: Outside band
■Max acceptable weight:9500kg/cm3 ■ Max acceptable weight: 9500kg/cm3
■Relative Density: 2.2g/cm3 ※SG-4 doesn't give the HR processing. ■ Relative Density: 2.2g/cm3 ※ SG-4 doesn't give the HR processing.

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Price: $525.00
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