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Oyaide's OCB-1 EX
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Oyaide's OCB-1 EX

Power Conditioners by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

This very popular series received the "2003 Technology of the Year Award" and "2004 Classic Audio Award" in Japan. We have improved them further by incorporating our own P-037 and P-029 mains plugs which has established the new "State of the Art" standard for power connection in Japan. Now available to the US market! Based on our traditional quality and reliability, it now boasts modern high speed response, high resolution and extensive sound stage. This series comes with a two meter mains cable attached directly, eliminating one more contact point.
Internal Wiring Material

DXs model: 2mm sq., solid core, high purity (6N) Copper (Twisted Pairs)
EXs model: 2mm dia., solid core, high purity (4N) Silver

Electrical Contacts (DX and EXs Only)

Equipped with our own highly regarded SWO-DX series receptacle, which has
Silver and Rhodium plated and highly polished deoxidized phosphor bronze
contacts enabling high speed response, high resolution and extensive sound stage,
setting a new standard for affordable performance.
Main Chassis

Engineering plastic (PBT) with carbon powder mixed in for high rigidity and to
reduce electro-magnetic interference. A simplified internal structure allows
resonance to dissipate throught the shortest path. Fitted with small feet to
minimize contact and vibration absorption.

Attached Cable

DXs model: Star Quad, oxygen-free copper cable
EXs model: Star Quad, oxygen-free copper cable with reinforced copper and
silicon sleeves

Internal Wiring               2.0 mm dia., high purity 4 nines solid Silver
AC Outlet                       SWO-DX (4 outlets)
Power Plug                     P-037
Dimensions                   W 120mm X L 120mm X H 60mm
Weight                          ;  830g
Power Cable                   L/i50 EX
Cable Length                 2 meters    

Pricing Information

Price: $518.00
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