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GutWire's Note Pad 2
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GutWire's Note Pad 2

Misc. Accessories by GutWire

Manufacturer's Description:

Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the NOTEPAD2 to absorb vibration, unwanted resonance, EMI and RFI.

For placement on top of the CD/DVD/SACD player or transport, a single NotePad2 should be placed directly over the drive mechanism. Player or transport with top loading mechanism should place NOTEPAD2 behind or next to it. For amplifiers, a single NOTEPAD2 will work best if it placed on top of the transformer.

Specifications: 18cm W x 12.5cm D Weight: 350 gram (approx.)

Life span is expected to be three to five years.

Avoid direct exposure to UV light. Prolong exposure will shorter the life span of

Prolonged placement on the equipment may leave marks on the surface.
We recommended removing the NOTEPAD2 after usage.

Maximum temperature: 70°C

The material is non-toxic.

Pricing Information

Price: $49.50
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