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Noisetrapper NANA Power Strip
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Noisetrapper NANA Power Strip

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Manufacturer's Description:

Noisetrapper NANA
8 outlet Power Strip

The Noisetrapper NANA power strip enhances the performance of Naim components. Thanks to input from the staff of Naim Audio USA it's a perfect match.

Product Highlights

    * 8 Industrial Spec Grade, high copper content brass outlets for better conductivity
    * Textured Dark Forest Green, non-magnetic, aluminum-alloy chassis
    * Cascade parallel wiring for hot and neutral connections
    * Star grounded to minimize noise
    * 12 gauge silver-plated oxygen free copper wiring
    * Hardwired, Naim approved power cord

Mission accomplished! The Noisetrapper NANA extends the performance envelope with improved pace, rhythym, and timing. Whisper quiet backgrounds reveal additional detail, depth, and dynamic drive, providing refreshing new insights into your favorite sources.

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