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Noisetrapper Halcyon Power Conditioner
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Noisetrapper Halcyon Power Conditioner

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Noisetrapper Halcyon Power Conditioner

This is where it all begins. Do it right!

The Noisetrapper Halcyon Power Conditioner takes system performance to an entirely new level.

    * 8 Industrial Spec-Grade Outlets
    * Removeable Power Cord
    * Complete Noise Reduction Package
    * Sonically Invisible Surge Protection
    * Custom Aluminum Alloy Chassis
    * 12 Gauge Silver-Plated OFC conductor
    * Integrated Hard Rock Maple Isolation Base

The Halcyon Power Conditioner utilizes the same chassis, outlets, and internal wiring found in the Revelation II  power strip. However, many of you wanted protection from surges and additional relief from background noise sneaking in through the AC lines. This is where the Halcyon Power Conditioner comes in.

Almost all the noise reduction and surge suppression systems used in power conditioners create as many problems as they solve. Some compress the signal dynamically, some filter out information that is vitally important to lifelike reproduction, some actually impede the flow of AC, and some do all those things.

You don't have to put up with that anymore. The Halcyon Power Conditioner protects your equipment without altering fidelity one iota. That's right, sonically invisible surge suppression. What's more, our surge protection system does the job in less than a nanosecond, yes that is less than 1 billionth of a second, and can handle surges up to 20,000 amps.

We didn't stop there either. Electrically generated noise is a fact of life in our world and although you usually don't hear it directly, when that noise is removed your system can provide remarkable performance. The Halcyon has an integrated isolation base and a complete noise reduction package to eliminate degrading noise and vibration. This provides your system with what it needs most, clean, unimpeded power.

If you would like to improve every aspect of your system's performance the Halcyon Power Conditioner delivers more bang for the buck than any other power conditioner on the market. We guarantee it, just try it, you'll be amazed.

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