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Quantum Physics's Noise Disrupters Small (Single)
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Quantum Physics's Noise Disrupters Small (Single)

Misc. Accessories by Quantum Physics

Manufacturer's Description:

Quantum Physics: Noise Disrupters Small
(2"W x 2.5"D x .75"H)
Audio Magic is the US Distributor of this new exciting passive noise reduction product. We've spent 3 months testing this product with several of our audio friends in the area and were -- quite simply -- astounded by the results. No negative effects were ever noticed. We always experienced better detail, dynamics, staging, lower noise floor, etc., to varying degrees. The Noise Disrupters come in both a large size to put on top of your equipment and in a small size to put on circuit boards, transformers, etc. Power conditioners are just not enough, using the Disrupters in conjunction with conditioners is the cats meow.

We are told by the company that 3 components make up the Disruptor which are subject to extreme atmospheric pressures and then treated with a special gas-like treatment which enables the 3 components to do their job. However, if the components inside the Disruptor are exposed to outside air, they become ineffective and must be disposed of.

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Price: $75.00
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